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This thing is so old. I mean old y’all! Jump on over to for the latest in family and wedding photography! I promise, you’ll love the new site!!

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The “Off” Season

People often ask me how I keep busy (and sharp) during my “off” season. While never really off, during my slower time of year I take on more Littlest Heroes sessions (most of which are in hospital and I can not share on the blog) and I also follow my son around with the camera. Let’s face it – if it works on my squirmy almost three year old who is oh-so-used to the camera, it’s going to work for my clients!

Here is an example from yesterday – it was haircut day – and I swear he went from baby to toddler to big boy overnight. Yeah, I know, every mom says that. You don’t get how true it is, until it’s happening to you! And well, as you can see; I get some interesting positions and faces too!

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Winter Wonderland | I Heart Faces Week 3

This week is winter wonderland over at i faces. I decided to pull this week from my personal archives from this past December. Our first snow here this winter was also the first snow my toddler could actually help and experience the snow man building process. We had made a snow man, given him the necessary carrot (and green bean, don’t ask) face, gave the toddles his warm bath, in fresh jammies and cocoa all by 9:30am. It was the best way to start our day. So, I wanted to share our special day with you!  Here the toddles is trying to catch some yummy fresh snowflakes on his tongue.

As usual, head on over to i faces to see more winter wonderland photos and check out my “featured member” interview too!

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