Fix-It-Friday | I Heart Faces

I am so excited for this week’s fix-it-friday over at i faces. It is such a fun photo to fix. As usual, I have my trifecta of fixes – color, b&w, and vintage. All were done in Lightroom this week as I am finding that Lightroom is becoming my soul tool for editing these days. It has tremendous capability and ease to use. It is friendly to my RAW files and can still rock the occasional FIF jpeg that gets sent my way.

Here is the original from IHF:

Here are my fixes for this week:


Black and White:


For more creative ways and tutorials on editing your own photos please head over to i faces!


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11 Responses to Fix-It-Friday | I Heart Faces

  1. Marylie Mach says:

    I LOVE the vintage one.

  2. I think the vintage is my favorite. so pretty!

  3. I really love them all! So clean and just lovely.

  4. Christina says:

    I really love the vintage edit!…surprising b/c I usually don’t like vintage edits…too washed out for my taste. But yours is perfectly soft and warm!

  5. Dana says:

    The vintage one is my favorite. Wonderful edits

  6. Lovely edits!! The vintage is my favorite too, probably because the skin tone is warmer in it.

  7. alej keigan says:

    gorgeous – i love the b+w and vintage.

  8. Amy Pinney says:

    GOR-JUSS. every one of them….seriously great editing. So clean.

  9. The black & white one is STUNNING!!! 🙂 WOW!

  10. Lovely edits! Love the B&W!

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