Fix-It-Friday | I Heart Faces

I am so excited for this week’s fix-it-friday over at i faces. It is such a fun photo to fix. As usual, I have my trifecta of fixes – color, b&w, and vintage. All were done in Lightroom this week as I am finding that Lightroom is becoming my soul tool for editing these days. It has tremendous capability and ease to use. It is friendly to my RAW files and can still rock the occasional FIF jpeg that gets sent my way.

Here is the original from IHF:

Here are my fixes for this week:


Black and White:


For more creative ways and tutorials on editing your own photos please head over to i faces!

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Smile | I Heart Faces Week 2

Special thanks go out to a certain someone who helped me choose this weeks photo. You know who you are – and well – you rock. This little girl is all smiles in front of the camera. This day was so much fun. Her mom was up for hopping around Louisville to get some wonderful shots. Kindergarten is such a big year and it is great to get some photographs to mark the occasion! It is amazing how much they change from the beginning of the year to the end. They grow up so fast!

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Best Face of 2010 | I Heart Faces Week One

This is quite the impossible task Angie and Amy!! I have so many favorite faces from clients, family and friends from this past year. It was incredibly hard to narrow it down to one. I have such an emotional attachment to each image I take. I love how I really can connect with my families and get to capture them at that moment in time. Sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s silly and sometimes even sad.

I think my reasoning for choosing this image is that it just sums up my whole year of learning and growing as a professional photographer. From the bokeh of the background to the composition – this photo just makes me go *sigh* – I am doing what I love. I have finally found my “style” or “groove” in my work. It also makes me look forward to this coming year and challenge myself to grow even more, because let’s face it – you are never done learning.

So, welcome to the new year I Heart Faces! Enjoy my “best face” of 2010 (and hop over to my Facebook page to see the runners up – don’t forget to “like” me while you are there).

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